The web is in my DNA

I’m a software developer. I make machines do things.

The following are projects I worked on during my software engineering journey.

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Better Stack

Currently, I work with Better Stack on developing next-generation observability tools that enable developers to create more reliable software faster.

Ruby Rails Javascript REST Tailwind Rust Unix


I helped create BankID while working with Applifting, a digital products agency and teal organization. BankID enables users to seamlessly log in to third party services through their bank.

I developed the BankID developer portal frontend, end user bank selection screen, self-care portal and backoffice interface, and provisioned a CMS and an image resizing tool.

Typescript React Next.js GraphQL REST Tailwind Docker Kubernetes GitLab CI OAuth2 Node.js

DX Scanner

I made an interactive metrics dashboard and a landing page for DX Scanner, an open source tool by DX Heroes which helps teams improve their developer experience.

Typescript React Next.js GraphQL Tailwind Docker Kubernetes GitLab CI